Group Companies

The SCCI Group of companies operate in the technical services environment, providing a complementary portfolio of products, systems and services to a diverse range of sectors and industries.

Each SCCI Group company shares a common culture, ethos and vision, but retains an individual identity and structure that best serves its respective industry.

SCCi Alphatrack

SCCI Alphatrack, provide a complementary range of technical services to a diverse range of sectors.

Alphatrack Systems

With over 25-years’ experience in fire design and maintenance, Alphatrack Systems is a key player in the fire & life safety sector, providing compliance led services to a number of industries.

Airwave Europe

Airwave Europe is the UK’s largest provider of TV & media solutions to the hospitality market.

Airwave Healthcare

Airwave Healthcare has been active in the UK healthcare market for 20-years, providing patient entertainment systems, commercial displays, digital signage and content to hospitals, care homes and prisons & secure accommodation.

Links Broadcast

Links Broadcast deliver outside broadcast transmission and production facilities for a range of news, sports, entertainment, digital cinema and corporate events.

Techlive International

Techlive International is a global leader in the provision of cloud-based movie and linear TV content to the hospitality market, providing content to 50+ countries and over 5-million hotel guests a year.


Experts in building safety management, Evident provide software for the tagging, maintenance oversite and contract management of infrastructure assets across the social housing sector.

Switchsure Finance Limited

Switchsure provide a range of financial services across all SCCI Group company clients and partners.


4Fibre is a unique multicore fibre cable, enabling the concurrent delivery of internet services from multiple providers.