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What is 4 Fibre?

4 Fibre is a unique multicore fibre cable, enabling the concurrent delivery of Internet services from multiple providers.

Each ISP retains full wayleave rights to the fibre line, including cabinet connections, fibre terminations and outlets.

A 4-fibre cable, in a single tight buffered configuration is housed in a single skin containment cabinet, enabling multiple ISP providers to independently connect to the resident.

The Background

Everybody wants superfast broadband (FTTH).

But for the owners and managers of the UK’s multi-dwelling units (MDUs), choosing the right Internet service provider can be a complicated task.

The Problem

The communications market is competitive, with companies such as BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk all competing to provide Internet services to the end-user

In an MDU, each Internet service provider (ISP) must run its own network into the property, creating multiple cables and cabinets.

This is disruptive, costly and time-consuming.

The Solution

It is possible to carry services from up to four different providers via a single, quad-fibre optic cable. This concept is called 4Fibre.

4Fibre is completely free to the landlord, open to any ISP and is the only truly platform neutral solution available in the UK.

How does it work?

A 4Fibre network multicore cable, containing 4 individual fibre connections, is run to each MDU property via a conveniently located (either externally or in a riser) cabinet. Each ISP is allocated a connection within the cabinet, giving access to an individual section of the network.

When a resident connects to their Internet service, the ISP simply connects the relevant fibre to a hub within the property.

4Fibre’s solution is set to revolutionise the FTTH industy.

The Benefits of 4 Fibre Technology

  • One installation cost, one deployment cost, one legal cost
  • No risk revenue generation
  • Completely free to the freeholder
  • Significant reduction in installation disruption
  • Tidier, cleaner installation aesthetic
  • One wayleave request
  • Less management time
  • Full ISP ownership
  • All ISP dispute resolution and negotiation included
  • Project monitoring via client portal
  • Platform neutral, greater choice
  • Future-proof technology 
  • Significant reduction in environmental impact and carbon footprint 
  • Facilitates remote working

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