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SCCi Alphatrack

Beaufort Park

Set across 25-acres in the London Borough of Barnet, Beaufort Park is a mixed-use regeneration development, featuring 2,450 stylish dwellings and a collection of shops, bars and restaurants.

SCCI Alphatrack has partnered with Beaufort Park developer, St.George Plc, undertaking TV and security installations since 2013.


Mid-way through a series of new development installations, SCCI was made aware of serious issues caused by Sky’s ad-hoc upgrade of their system to support Sky Q – these issues solvable – but requiring a disruptive and expensive re-cabling program.

However, an alternative solution did exist and was quickly proposed by SCCI:

A Virgin over IRS system could be deployed over the existing IRS, requiring no additional surface cabling. Instead, the system could be implemented via main feed cables (through the site wide private duct network) with link cables to each block.


With all hands-on-deck, SCCI deployed a Virgin-over-IRS system in just 9 weeks, working in parallel with the existing installation program and causing no disruption to viewing services or other contractor works.

Not only could SCCI rectify the issue, but the newly installed service provides residents with increased choice in the provision of TV and broadband services.


And as the cherry on the cake, SCCI’s close partnership with Virgin enabled the service to be introduced at no cost to St.George or its residents.

Utilising our strong working partnership with SCCI and the solution / opportunity they brought us on this site, we successfully delivered services to 2000 homes. Virgin Media are delighted with this quality partnership approach and look forward to building further success for the future together with SCCI. Rob Evans – Managing Director of Lightning at Liberty Global

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