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SCCi Alphatrack

City West Homes

SCCI Alphatrack designed, built and deployed a FTTH super-fast broadband solution to 1,840 properties and shops within the Churchill Gardens housing estate in Pimlico, London.

The Challenge

Located in the Pimlico area of Westminster, London, Churchill Gardens is a large housing estate, consisting of 1,840 homes and a number of shops.

Developed between 1946 and 1962 (replacing a large number of Victorian terraced houses damaged during the Blitz), the estate consists of a series of high-rise buildings of varying sizes and two terraces of three-storey town houses.

Of notable interest, the Churchill Gardens estate ran a 'district heating system', using by-product heat from neighbouring Battersea Power Station to provide heat and hot water to the estate - via a glass-faced accumulator tower. This is referred to as the Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU).

As consequence of this, Churchill Gardens was designated a conservation tower in 1990, and in 1998, six tower blocks and the accumulator tower were Grade II listed.
SCCI Alphatrack are not experts in heating and hot water requirements, however were certainly in a position to assist with the FTTH (fibre-to-the home) and provision of a superfast broadband speed, when approached by City West Homes.

The Solution

SCCI Alphatrack provided the design, build and project management of the FTTH super-fast broadband solution to all 1,840 dwellings and shops within the estate.

A unique feature also installed was a separate fibre ring, which is able to assist the PDHU with the management of the hot water system on the estate.

A radio mast was installed on the roof of a single block which is connected to the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) located in the basement and blown fibre bundles were used to connect a fibre ring around the estate via underground duct works - also installed by SCCI Alphatrack.

Distributions points (DP’s) were installed on the roof of each building, and from these points a two-pair cable was used to run from the distribution points to the lounges of each home. SCCI Alphatrack provided the design, build and project management of the fibre installation inter-linking all BMS (biometric management system) panels within the basements of the blocks on the estate.

Four fibres were installed to each panel and linked them back to the pump house, where the PDHU team monitor and manage the delivery of  hot water to each home or business on the estate. Due to the sheer size of the development, a fibre delivered system was best suited to deliver signals to each property via an underground duct network.


SCCI Alphatrack worked closely with the consultants, customer and internet service provider, ensuring the successful implementation of a sophisticated and sensitive project - with increased complexity owing to the conservation area and Grade II listed buildings.

Alphatrack received high praise from the consultant and City West Homes, for delivering all works within the project seamlessly and efficiently - continuing with maintenance and further phases of installation.

Everything worked flawlessly. It confirms this solution is a solid proof-of-concept for all the technologies in use."
Andrew Osborn, Director Aro Performance Systems

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