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SCCi Alphatrack

Ernest Dence Estate

SCCI Alphatrack implement a 4 Fibre service into the 95 dwellings on the Ernest Dence estate in Greenwich, London.

The Development

Ernest Dence Estate is a residential estate in the heart of Greenwich. Built in 1937 and named after prominent politician and former Mayor of Greenwich, Ernest Dence, the site comprises of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom properties in 3 separate buildings:

  • Aylmer House (55 flats)
  • Jennings House (20 Flats)
  • Gifford House (20 flats)

The Proposal

SCCI Alphatrack was  tasked by the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) and DG Cities (DGC) to provide a suitable fibre network to future proof the site, following DG Cities' below statement:

We are in the business of making cities better. Our world is changing fast. We are facing unprecendented challenges and for our urban areas, business as usual is no longer an option. Technology and data can help towns and cities unleash their potential and truly transform...Our mission is to transform cities. DG Cities

SCCIA's remit encompassed part of a planned maintenance and refurbishment project, including rising & lateral mains replacements, emergency lighting upgrades, fire stopping upgrades, window works, façade repairs, communal decorations, roofing renewals, balcony coatings, heating replacement and a TV upgrade.

Ernest Dence was previously serviced by copper only telecom and broadband services, resulting in resident demands for a more robust service and faster broadband speeds.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich and DG Cities wanted a full fibre solution to fulfil these demands, however having  recently carried out a fire sealing project, they were keen to ensure their buildings were wired, resealed and certified afterwards.

SCCIA proposed its 4 Fibre solution, and carried out a detailed survey ahead of submitting  a planning pack for approval.

RBG and DCC were keen to utilise an externally wired solution, following the existing TV and CATV methodology.

Wishing to minimise the impact of cables, SCCIA ran all cables through the roof void, and exited from the soffit vertically to each apartment.

The 4 Fibre solution provides access to up to four internet service providers, each with their own dedicated fibre cable - but installed through only one penetration to each apartment. Once complete, the building will not need to be wired each and every time a broadband provider wishes to service the building.

The Delivery

The scheme consists of 3 blocks with 95 dwellings.

SCCIA identified suitable locations for the main aggregation distribution cabinets on each block, running multi fibre cables in steel trunking up into the roof space, and then down above each line of flats.

The cables were terminated and spliced into discrete point of entry (POE) boxes inside each Lounge, ready for the Internet Service Provider to initiate service

SCCIA also pre-installed blown fibre tubes from the ISP distribution cabinets back to the BT upturn (where BT enters the block) - thus negating the need for ISPs to run ANY cabling in or around the building.

The system has been designed around PIA (physical infrastructure access) – the use of BT's existing duct network. Consequently, any ISP can use BT duct to get to the block, and the 4 Fibre network to get to each apartment in the estate.


The scheme is now full fibre ready for up to four different internet service providers, and able to deliver a much-improved full fibre broadband service with increased speeds and provider choice for the resident.

With PIA being used to deliver service to the buildings via the BT Openreach network, and 4 Fibre used to take service from the BT Upturn to every apartment - there will be close to zero disruption to the area and the existing services when the ISP arrives to service the building.

SCCIA has:

  • minimised the number of penetrations through walls.
  • minimised the number of cables run through common parts.
  • delivered in one period,  work what would have traditionally been done four times

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