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SCCi Alphatrack

Fredrick Messers Estate

SCCI Alphatrack deliver 4Fibre technology to 450+ premises in tower blocks in Fredrick Messers Estate, Seven Sisters.

The Proposal

Looking for a full fibre solution for their Oatfield and Twyford tower blocks, Haringey Council approached SCCI Alphatrack. Ahead of the imminent switch off of copper services, Haringey requested a faster fibre service, a choice of providers and the future proofing of the two 16-storey tower blocks.

SCCI Alphatrack offered its revolutionary 4Fibre service - explaining how it worked, and importantly, that installation would only need to be done once, alongside the relevant fire-stopping and certification.

A 4Fibre access agreement was agreed with Haringey, and 4Fibre became the preferred solution -  part of a wider programme, providing improved connectivity to the residents of Haringey.

The Installation

SCCIA delivered its 4Fibre solution to Oatfield & Twyford 250+ premises, and the remainder of the Fredrick Messers estate (a further 200+ premises). The new fibre solution was delivered with the aesthetics of the development in mind, and in accordance with a brief of an "aesthetically acceptable low visibility solution." SCCIA opted to implement an external installation with cables installed to the balcony of each apartment.

Cables will be terminated and spliced to the POE (point of entry) on the balcony of each apartment, allowing the internet service providers  to connect through to the consumer premise equipment (CPE) in each property, when the resident takes service.

4Fibre's system provides a low carbon footprint solution, allowing fully independent access for up to 4 full fibre broadband ISPs

Haringey are really pleased with how the deployment has been undertaken on the Fredrick Messer Estate, they are very happy to have specified 4Fibre to be used on all their more difficult to wire buildings. Managing the job once saves time and cost, and the build qualirty we have seen is exceptional.Jennie Bayliss, Haringey Council Consultant

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