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SCCi Alphatrack

Peregrine House and Kestrel House

SCCI Alphatrack implement 4Fibre technology in Peregrine House & Kestrel House, on the City Road estate in London's Islington borough.

The Properties

Peregrine House is a 27-storey tower block in Islington, London. Built in 1969, it is one of the tallest council blocks in the city at 80m, and part of Islington's City Road estate.

Built in 1968, Kestrel House is an 18-storey tower block on the City Road estate in Islington, North London. On the same estate Peregrine House can be found. Kestrel House was completed in 1968 and is 55m tall. The building is featured on the cover of The Streets' album 'Original Pirate Material'.

The Installation

4Fibre have teamed up with Islington Council to provide a solution that allows access for up to four full fibre internet service providers, over a single fibre infrastructure - meaning the block only needs to be wired once, future proofing the building, ready for multiple internet providers

Using this solution better protects the aesthetics, safety, space, disruption & integrity of the building by virtue of being installed just once, rather than have multiple operators wiring the building one after the other - as is the traditional alternative.

The deployment here is part of a much wider programme – providing improved connectivity to the residents of Islington.

4Fibre really suits difficult to wire buildings such as Peregrine House and Kestrel House.

It protects the aesthetics of the building, maximises the use of space,  minimises risk in regards fire stopping, reduces the number of times a job needs to be completed (by 75%) & minimises the amount of containment that is required to deliver multiple operators. 

The Benefits


The overall benefits of apparatus sharing are so extensive that operators have a legal duty to do this, whenever this is practicable”

“Local authorities & freeholders are obliged and encouraged to provide access to internet service providers (ISP’s) on to the blocks they own.

By using  4Fibre, they only need manage the job once, retaining control of the project and ensuring the deployment is minimally intrusive on the character & appearance of the site - avoiding the need for repeat (over wire)  installations by different providers, one on top of the other.

This way the local authorities / freeholders can better protect the integrity, safety & aesthetics of their buildings & minimise their project management time – whilst minimising the environmental impact” 


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