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SCCi Alphatrack

St Luke's Estate, Islington

SCCI Alphatrack collaborate with Islington Borough Council to deploy 4 Fibre technology to 357 dwellings.

The Development

The site of 183-203 Old Street was originally part of the St Luke’s Hospital, designed by George Dance the younger and built 1787

This building was sold to the Bank of England and became St Luke’s Printing works for bank notes in 1917. Between1917-1920, the building was altered and extended before being demolished in 1963.

St Luke’s Estate was then built, and the estate included 357 local authority flats, designed by Architects of the GLC (Greater London Council) in 1969 and was transferred to the London Borough of Islington in 1982.

The Proposal

St Luke's was the tenth estate project that we have completed for Islington as part of a multi-site deployment of 4 Fibre to around 10,000 of Islington Council properties, in the most complicated of their buildings.

The brief was to deploy a single network that ‘future readied’ the block for fibre, whilst minimising the effects on the aesthetics, fire safety and fabric of their buildings.

We liaised with Islington (the freeholder) and the resident committee (TMO) to ensure everyone was happy with the intended deployment.

Works were completed in February 2024 on what is one of Islington’s more complex estates.

The Delivery

We deployed fibre service via nine DPs around the scheme, all linked back to two meet me points on the ground floor, where up to 4 ISP’s can service the building without running further cables through the building.

All planning, designing, core drilling, containment, cabling and fire stopping was managed and completed by ourselves and on completion we fully spliced and tested the network.


Successfully deployed in around seven weeks, offering the residents full fibre connectivity.

4 Fibre is due to be rolled out to buildings across the borough, where a single installation of multiple providers is deemed to be preferable.

This deployment is part of a wider programme, providing improved connectivity to the residents of Islington.

Our partnership with Islington meant these services were introduced to the scheme at no charge to the residents, managing agents or the freeholder.

Our solution was delivered with very little disruption to the residents, future proofing the building and adding desirability and value to the homes within.

The 4 Fibre installation to St Luke's is a great example of the benefit of 4 Fibre, with the work once again completed to an excellent standard.
Jim Dillon, Compliance Manager

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