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The Joides Resolution

Techlive remotely implemented a library of blockbuster movie content onto research vessel, Joides Resolution's entertainment system.

Part of the International Ocean Discovery Program, the Joides Resolution (JR) research vessel drills into the ocean floor to collect and study core samples, allowing scientists to better understand climate change, geology and the Earth’s history.

The vessel spends 222 days a time at sea, an obvious hardship for the ship’s 50 scientists and 65 crew – who are in need of respite entertainment options to while away the hours.

Techlive was honoured to support such an important initiative with a library of blockbuster movie content, remotely implemented onto the ship’s entertainment system. In total, 60 movies were provided, including a mixture of early-release titles, blockbusters and movie classics across the ages.

Key to this particular content provision is the ability to refresh the content periodically” said Content Support Executive, Reece Aherne “we’re of course conscious that the ship’s crew aren’t blessed with limitless entertainment options in their spare time!

I’m sure the crew are quite pleased that ‘Jaws’ or the ‘Perfect Storm’ isn’t currently on the list of Airtime classics, we’ll be careful to provide suitable classics moving forward!.”Richard Excell, Product Manager

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