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SCCi Alphatrack

Tower Hamlets Homes

SCCI Alphatrack upgrade the IRS system within Solander Garden's estate of building blocks, offering resident access to Virgin Media services.

The Development

Location: Shadwell & Solander Gardens Estate, London E1

Size: 844 units

Solander Gardens is a large housing estate near Shadwell in London. It has a range of buildings and walkways all set around a series of alleyways, a basketball court and a couple of garden areas. The various walkways provide a range of views over the local landscape and the higher up paths provide a sweeping view of the iconic  London skyline.

The Proposal

Initial scope for the Shadwell site was the upgrade of the existing IRS system -  to offer residents subscription to Virgin Media services. In conjunction with this, SCCI highlighted the scope for the upgrade and improvement of the existing IRS system.

Other remits included remedial building works to tidy up network equipment in a number of blocks.

SCCI set themselves a target – to provide additional services to the estate, whilst simultaneously neatening and improving the  aesthetics of each building. 

The Delivery

As multiple providers are able to install network infrastructure on the exterior of the Tower Hamlet's building blocks, care and attention was paid to following existing cable routes and use existing containment.

Part of the Virgin Media IRS system upgrade involved (extensive) remedial work across the entirety of the estate:

The cabinets and cabling on each building had fallen into a state of disrepair; in order to improve each building's aesthetic, we carried out an extensive tidy-up of existing equipment - essentially giving each building's external equipment a 'face-lift.'

Repair works consisted of:

  • Replacement or repainting/spraying of existing cabinets
  • Re-securing of cables
  • Re-securing of catenary wires
  • Re-fixing of trunking and containment
  • Replacement of rusted bracketry


The Virgin Media upgrade on the IRS system, including all remedial works, was deployed in just four weeks from start to finish.

The upgrade provides residents with the ability to subscribe to Virgin Media services, whilst increasing broadband speeds and offering a wider range of services for both TV and telephone.  

Our partnership with Virgin Media meant these services were introduced to the estate, at no charge to the residents, managing agents or the freeholder.

The upgrade of the IRS system was a smooth process, which has not only improved the service available to residents, but also improved the visual appearance of the blocks as a result of the careful installation and tidying up of existing cables. Jennis Bayliss, Consultant, Towher Hamlets Homes

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