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SCCi Alphatrack

Townsend Mews, Stevenage

SCCI Alphatrack implement its revolutionary 4 Fibre technology in Townsend Mews' 4-storey, 109 dwelling development.

The Development History 

Townsend Mews is a modern, 4-storey development in central Stevenage, consisting of private, shared ownership and social housing rented accommodation.

The Proposal

Prior to SCCI Alphatrack’s intervention, the scheme was serviced by BT copper - which resulted in regular complaints to the managing agent (E&J Estates) about slow broadband speeds.

SCCIA was approached to remedy this insufficient broadband provision and provide a full fibre solution, to satisfy the increasing demands and expectations of the scheme’s residents.

SCCIA offered our 4 Fibre solution – an approach that was soon accepted, with the corresponding wayleave agreed.

SCCIA’s 4 Fibre solution provides access for up to four internet service providers, each with their own dedicated fibre cable, installed through only one penetration of each wall / floor.

The Delivery

E&J Estates was keen to avoid an externally wired solution, with this in mind, SCCIA opted to implement an internal solution, using internal risers and space above the plasterboard ceiling for the cable routing.

SCCIA identified suitable locations for the distribution cabinets in each block, before running multi-fibre cables up and down risers, and through ceiling voids, (cutting access holes in the ceiling where required, to avoid surface UPVC cable trunking).

Cables were terminated and spliced into discrete point of entry boxes (POE) outside each front door. These were positioned, ready for the internet service provider to drill through the back of the POE, directly into each property when the residents takes service. This is implemented using pre-made invisilight fibre cables (which won’t be visible in flat’s communal areas).

Due to limited space, we were not able to install aggregation cabinets to house the ISP cabinet; however, the flexibility of the 4 Fibre solution enabled us to make the best use of the space available by careful placement of the 4 ISP cabinets (see below photos).

SCCIA pre-installed blown fibre tubes from the ISP distribution cabinets, back to the BT upturn of each block – thus negating the need for the ISP to penetrate fire stopping or run ANY cables in the building.

The system has been designed around PIA (physical infrastructure access) and the use of BT’s existing duct network. Consequently, any ISP can use BT duct to get to the block -  and our 4 Fibre network to reach each individual apartment.

As part of the solution, we’ve also proven (rod and roped) the BT duct from the upturn inside the building to the first BT network chamber outside each block.


The scheme is now full fibre ready for up to four different internet service providers, and ready to deliver vastly improved broadband speeds.

With PIA being used for service delivery to the buildings via the BT Openreach network, and 4 Fibre being used to take service from the BT Upturn to every apartment - there will be negligible/no disruption to the area and existing services when the ISP arrives to service the building. Other key service efficiencies include:

  • Minimising the number of penetrations through the wall, floors and ceilings.
  • Minimising the number of cables that need to be run through the common parts.
  • We have sealed, recorded & certified the fire stopping of all penetrations.

Notably SCCIA has delivered in one short period, work that would’ve typically been carried out four times over a series of weeks/months.

The multi-fibre solution is truly innovative. Rather than dealing with four wayleaves and four separate installations, we have a single installation covering services from 4 different providers. I attended the site myself - and the build quality is exceptional.  David Moulton, Managing Director, Eris Media Solutions Ltd

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